Friday, January 23, 2009

How to iSync Nokia 3500c with iSync Bluetooth?

Well, the tip comes from Apple forum.

Generally speaking, hacking the plugins of iSync works for most phone models. My comment is in the bottom: (It's strange that it thought I'm on a PowerBook running 10.5.6...)


Thanks for the helpful tip. I just made iSync work with my Nokia 3500c. Somebody who had tried this model but failed please try this:

1. Keep your phone name identical. If the phone is discovered as 3500 (BlueTooth), then use 3500 in the plist file, and if it's set to 3500c, then use 3500c in plist file.

2. Also replace 6131 with 3500(c) in the Info.plist, which is in the upper level of that folder.

3. If iSync can't connect to your 3500c, just use BlueTooth browser to read the file on device, then try again with iSync. At least it works for me. Good Luck!

Again, thanks for sharing!


PowerBook Mac OS X (10.5.6)

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