Sunday, September 20, 2009

A feedback to NCIX regarding to Linksys router WRT160NL

I couldn't post the feedback to NCIX since its website is always under maintain, whenever I want to submit a Completely Unsatisfactory comment.

I have no time to do it again so paste it here. Hope it helps somebody to choose a right model of router.

And if I did something wrong, please let me know how to correct it and make this router work.
Strengths: beautiful outlook
Weaknesses: compatibility issue, some other problems
I had an old netgear 802.11b router for over 5 years so changed to this model for a few days, intended to gain a faster intranet. The linksys is a famous brand and this model looks beautiful. That's why I choose it. But it turned to kind of annoying from that moment ... 1) It doesn't work fine with my linksys pap2 VOIP box. I can hardly hear others but they can hear me clearly. The VOIP service provider can't solve the problem. So I put the old netgear router back, connect the VOIP box and this router to the netgear as a workaround. In this way, I can use my VOIP phone with no problem and gain 802.11n intranet connection. But... 2) It keeps dropping the connection. I have 3 computers, 1 MacBook Pro, 2 PCs. They all have this problem. I tried to disable/enable NICs, manually release/renew IPs, even reboot my computers but nothing works. Reset the router does the trick. But I hate to reset it every 1-2 days. And... 3) The file sharing is kind of slow. I have a 8GB kingston USB key attached to the router and some music on it. Create the sharing folder is a painful job since the GUI and process are not intuitive (doesn't make sense somehow). After that, mount the sharing folder on computer is fine, play music is fine. But sometimes it suddenly stopped transferring the stream and the media player hung there or stopped. (Actually I myself didn't have this experience. It's my wife who played the baby music everyday reported to me.)
4) I tried to upgrade the firmware, twice. The first time hung there with no response for 24 hours. Guess my browser session had died already so asked around on the linksys support forum. Then I tried the second time and it worked. Finally I brought this router back to NCIX. They tested it carefully, then told me nothing wrong with the router and I couldn't return it since it had been more than 15 days. But I can't use it anyway. So the store manager helped to return it with 15% deducted. Well, that's the policy, fair enough. Just I don't trust linksys from now on...
Browsing the support forum of Linksys, I was asking myself: is Linksys good or not?

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